среда, 20 мая 2009 г.

What people think about my clothes

Victoria Matsuk:

Clothes from Tanya’s Broderick are a heartfelt comfort, comfort and confidence in that you can look variously, and always appropriately, interestingly and beautifully: it is different appearances - and 100% house-owner, and 100% business-woman, romantic lady, womanlike lady, girl on a picnic, girl on a walk, mademoiselle in a theater or opera, woman on presentation or on an evening-party.....

Natasha Kolomiyets:

That these things are comforts, pleasant by touch and high-quality, clearly at first blush.
A person which is dressed in created clothing especially made for her notedly differs from others purchased things in a shop or somewhere.
A design to perfection shows carefully thought out thing looks attractively enough on any figure and build, underlining good taste of person, who wears such clothing from Tanya.
To see the beauty which for every woman is unique, and unique is desirable many times again. Unlike the known brands will not find you by surprise by the case of
meeting acquaintance or friend in the same dress.

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